July 12, 2014

Life Has Changed

Life has changed immensely for me in the last 6 months.  It has been all good, but it has cut into my reading (and reviewing) time more than I thought it would.  A girl can only do so much.

I am so grateful that I took the time and opportunity to start and write this blog.  Indie authors will always have a special place on my bookshelf and in my heart.  I think this blog made me a better reader and definitely a better writer.  Those pursuits will still live on, but in an entirely new fashion.

My husband and I just closed a real estate transaction on 10 acres of raw, untamed land.  We will be devoting our time and energy into building our dream farm along with our growing honeybee business.  Then, I couple that with a full-time job and life is gonna get a little crazy around here.

I will keep this space for a few more weeks, but this will be my last post.  

If you are so inclined, I have started a new blog that will outline our adventure:  Both Feet In  I would LOVE to see and chat with you all there!

Your Friend,

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  1. Yay - you did it! I will miss this blog though. Can't have it all I guess. See you there.