February 24, 2013

Coming of Age...AGAIN

Title:  Coming of Age...AGAIN
Author:  Carol Mizrahi
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Medium:  Kindle

Goodreads Synopsis:
“Coming of Age...AGAIN" is the story of four friends of a "certain age" who prove that with a mix of moxie, wisdom, humor, and a weekly mahjongg game, coming of age can happen more than once.

As long as BARBARA's husband had his affairs with women who bought their perfume at Walgreen's, she was content to look the other way, but when she sniffs $400 an ounce Coco Chanel on his jacket, she hires a private detective who uncovers more than she bargained for.

IRENE, an incurable romantic, has been looking for the perfect man ever since her husband died. She thought Mel was "the one," but that was before he moved in and before the "up" toilet seats, the snoring, and the scatological breakfast talk. "He's not who he used to be," she complains. "Neither are you," she is warned.

ROCHELLE, recently divorced, wants to return to an aborted art career, but her two daughters have turned her and her home into a virtual day care for their children. Despite professional counseling and the wise advice of good friends, Rochelle is incapable of taking her life back... until the death of a Butterfly.

SYLVIA believes she will choke to death if she lives alone. Her daughter, Mary, has agreed to live with her until she marries, but all potential husbands flee the scene after Sylvia invites them home for dinner. When Simon also dumps her, Mary goes over the top, taking Sylvia with her.

Sheesh, who would have thought getting older would get harder? I've had a birthday recently, and this one actually went pretty smooth with no meltdowns or major issues since the number was quite boring. As always, I drew it out for about a week of celebration. Thank goodness for rain, in-laws, a parent who lives close, but not that close, and the fact that I think everyone should have an entire week to celebrate! As I gained another number, I am starting to realize a lot of things that never really mattered in years past. I can tell that I am changing, inside and out. Not all changes are for the good, but for the ones that are bad, I know and understand that I am the only one who has the power to change those.

Making a change is hard. Whether you are a 20-something just getting started in life or older and possibly looking at the closing chapters in your life. There really does come a time, when quality trumps quantity. I think younger people should look at quality first - might give them a different perspective.

Coming of Age...AGAIN is just such a book that delves into the changes that many women face as they start to grow older. Ms. Mizrahi gave a wonderful account of four childhood friends who grew older together. Over cake and Mah Johngg they share and hide their deepest secrets. They are quick to tell each other just how things should be, but never want to listen to their own advice. They love each other unconditionally the way long-time friends are supposed to, and they catch each other when they fall.

The four friends live, laugh, love and cry. They throw temper tantrums and they celebrate victories. Ms. Mizrahi really put into words the true meaning of friends - not just your work buddies and bar friends, but you know the ones. I know I don't have very many of those kinds of friends. Just a few - each special in their own way, each willing to give and willing to take. True friends through thick and thin, through happy times and tears. I shared my cradle with one and met the others a couple of decades ago. I'll probably never find another one like them, but that's okay.

Coming of Age...Again is definitely a book that steers away from the young and the perfect. It's a breath of fresh air in a world of plastic and pretend. I recommended this to a few women I know, and I hope they liked it and laughed out loud as much as I did.

A must read for any "older" women out there who are looking to laugh and reflect a bit inward. A must read for "younger" women out there, because you are gonna get older too one day!! I'll let you all decide if you are "older" or "younger".
Carol Mizrahi

February 13, 2013

Life Gets In the Way

No, that's not the title of some new awesome book by an awesome author...it's the song I've been singing these last couple of months.  It seems that life took over and reading got pushed to the side like an old sock that can't find it's mate.

I won't bore you all with the details, but there were holidays, sickness, health, more sickness, more holidays, a milestone birthday, my second favorite past time (football) and bees.  It's been a whirlwind that started at Thanksgiving and finally ended this week. 
I am happy to say that the cable company has picked up their box and I am stocking Vinny up with lots of great books.

I apologize to the wonderful author's that I am so lucky to have filling my mailbox every week, to the readers who hopefully find as much joy in reading as I do and to the wonderful followers of this blog.  

March will be bring not only a new Season for us all, but a one year anniversary of this blog for me.  I have stuck to my goals for this blog for this first year, and have almost accomplished everything that I intended to.  I hope for my second year to bring much more interaction with YOU, the followers!  I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned, tell your friends, and enjoy the ride as I sputter and stammer back into ravenously reading again.