When I decided to start writing reviews of the dozens of books that I read each year, I went in search of the elements of a good book review.  I found that it's pretty much the same across the board whether it was a college or educational website or even another book reviewer providing the information.  The common theme is that book reviews are personal, a reaction to the work, and there is no right or wrong way to write one.  I believe that an author probably wants the truth, but given in a constructive way.  A book can be poorly written, and I will still enjoy the story and message.  A book can be beautifully written and I can dislike it.

When I review books I will provide the following:

Title of the Book (with link to Amazon)
Author (with link to website if applicable)
Synopsis (usually taken from Goodreads or the actual book)
Publisher, Date Published
Medium Book was read in (e-reader, paperback, etc)
Photo of Book or Cover Art

I promise to write reviews that are honest and succinct.  
I won't ever write a review that has spoilers.  
I do not use a star or number rating - there are tons of sites out there that do use this, and they do work for some people, I'm just not one of those people.  
I want to share my reading experience with you, and hope that you find the reading as enjoyable as I do.
I truly believe in separating the artist from their art.  Regardless of any author's public profile, their work and it's merit is the only subject of review.

It is very rare that I do not finish a book, but it does happen from time to time.  I do give every book I read a fair chance.  I will post a disclaimer at the beginning of these reviews that I did not finish the book and give my reasons why.

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