My Review Policy

First of all, please know that I am not a professional book reviewer.  I review books that I want to read.  My primary focus for this blog is to share my love of reading, but I also want to give authors, especially Indie's, the opportunity for a fair and honest review of their work by an unbiased reader.  
I feel that if you as an author or publicist who request a review follow the policies below, it will not only bring further credibility to my blog, but also increase your work's legitimacy. (please see Reviews to learn more about my review style)

Formats Accepted:  Any Kindle compatible format
Accepted From:  author's, publishers, publicists

I will never copy, share, distribute or infringe upon an author's copyright.  I will never sell ARC's.

Genre's I Love To Read

Contemporary Fiction
Women's Fiction/Chick Lit
Mystery (especially cozy)
Some Historical Fiction

Time Frame:  I will do my best to get reviews out in a timely manner, but will not promise any deadlines.

Read:  Please spend a couple of minutes clicking around my blog and find out who I am and if I am the appropriate reviewer for your work.

Tell:  Tell me ABOUT THE BOOK.  I know you don't want to classify your book into any one genre and it crosses over into four different types, but for the purposes of THIS blog, please tell me the main genre of the book.

Send:  Send me a .mobi or other Kindle compatible format with your review request.

Exposure:  I will post all reviews here on Ravenous Reader - Book ReviewsGoodreads, and will add to my Twitter and Facebook feeds.  

Guest Bloggers/Reviewers:  From time to time Ravenous Reader - Book Reviews will have guest bloggers and/or guest reviewers.  Please know that all guests are vetted and their posts will be reviewed by me personally before publishing.

Contact:  If you are interested in having Ravenous Reader review one of your books and you agree to the terms here, please email me:

ravenousreaderbookreviewer (at) gmail (dot) com

FTC Disclosure:  I do not receive nor accept money for book reviews.  I am an Amazon Affiliate.  

One Last Thing:  I will never promise a good review in exchange for a gift copy of a book.  


  1. Would like to submit my book for review. New Autho. On amazon. paper back and kindle.
    Wait...Wait For The Thunder.
    ISBN 1469986736 So far all reviews 5 star.
    don.t know what select profile is. I put Anonymous

  2. Buck, if you will email me the particulars about your book - email addy