July 7, 2012

The Happy Housewife

Author:  Kate Cooch
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Medium:  Kindle

Goodreads Synopsis:
Dateline: March 3, 2011, Woodinville, Washington. “Built green? Nope black! ELF.” The mocking sign was left at the sight of an Eco-terrorist attack on ‘green’ multi-million dollar homes which were burnt to the ground. While the incident drew headlines from local papers, it barely made the national news. No arrests have been made.
Dateline: Same day, Fairfax, Virginia. Samantha Sherman, a former Coast Guard helicopter pilot turned stay at home Mom, tries to decide between Tide 2X Ultra with Dawn Stain Scrubbers and her old standby, Tide with Bleach Alternative. She finally determines that it truly makes no difference and sighs. Little does she know that in a few short weeks her happy, but not wildly exciting life will be turned upside down by the threat of Eco-terrorism, the Weather Underground, and murder.
“The Happy Housewife” is a 200 page suburban murder mystery which involves one ordinary woman, Samantha, who finds herself drawn into a criminal investigation. In the process of solving two murders, she also struggles to overcome a mistake from her past career which resulted in her current inability to make decisions and assert herself.

I needed a good caper and a quick page turner (okay, button masher since I read this on Vinny, the Kindle) recently, and Kate Cooch's, The Happy Housewife did just the trick for me.  

I spent a couple of years doing duty as a housewife, and it was a lot of fun, though not as much fun as Sam had in the book.  No, my time as a happy housewife paled in comparison, though the neighborhood we lived in at the time had some potential for some Scooby-Doo hijinks's and action.  Now the Love of My Life works from home, takes care of my laundry, greets me with a smile when I come home every day, and allows me the opportunity to be a successful woman in today's world of hospice administration (it's not THAT glamorous, but it is rewarding).    I wonder...

When Kate asked me to review her book, The Happy Housewife, I just knew from the description that it would be one of those little mysteries that I would  probably figure out right from the beginning.  I mean, we all are the best at solving mysteries, right?  I mean, you know the crazy guy or the normal guy or the cute kid has to be the culprit, right?  

Well, was I wrong!  

One of the best things I really liked about Kate's book was that she took some examples from her real life experiences and placed them into her book.  She was a Coast Guard pilot, which is way cool!  I think it's important for writers to draw on what they are knowledgeable about in order to provide accurate information to share with readers.  That's not to say that good research can't bring about a good book, but if you have the real experience to help you sit and bang out thousands of words, no one can take those claims away from you, and you can also learn and grow from sharing experiences with readers and others like you.

If you are looking for a quick, fun, fast-paced read, get thee to Amazon today and pick up Kate's book.  It's perfect for tropical storm reading, beach bag stuffing, or something to pass along an otherwise boring Wednesday evening.  You'll be glad you did!!!

Kate Cooch

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