May 9, 2012

The Vampire Reclamation Project, Book One, Michael's Blood

Author: SS Bazinet
Publisher: Renata Press, 1 edition (February 12, 2012)
Medium: Kindle

Amazon Synopsis: Can a vampire be saved? In the first book of “The Vampire Reclamation Project” series, Michael, an incarnate angel, comes to vampire Arel’s aid. He shares his own blood in an effort to purge Arel of his dark curse. But the angelic gift proves to be more than Arel bargains for. A new and powerful force surges through him, trying to clear not only the curse, but also the long buried horrors from his past.

As Michael continues to guide him through the searing flames of purification, Arel hovers between life and death. But the angel isn’t his only ally. By chance, he meets a woman, Carol. She draws him out of his dark, isolated world and into a new one. It includes a small group of her friends who become obsessed with helping him. Will their efforts succeed? Will Michael’s angelic infusion be enough to reclaim him, to drive out the curse? Will Arel find that love and happiness really do exist in the world? 

The Vampire Reclamation Project was a fun book to read for me.  I secretly like books with vampires, but don’t read a lot of them.  I will admit to falling head over heels with True Blood on HBO, and found myself picturing the worst vampires as the protagonist, Arel.  I found myself wondering if Bill or Eric could ever become tame.

The book begins under the cover of darkness, in an alley.  This is where we find Michael trying his best to take Arel under his wing (pun intended) and show him that the life he has led for the past century does not have to continue.  Arel is broken, scared and scarred from a couple of lifetimes of being that thing that goes bump in the night and the cause of many nightmares.  He is reluctantly willing to take a chance with Michael and realizes that he doesn’t have much to lose.

The story ensues with Arel’s struggle and Michael’s never-can-fail attitude.  Through the introduction of new friends and seeing the real issues that they have to grapple with on a daily basis, sometimes it was hard just for Arel to get out of bed each day – life as he now knew it was so overwhelming.  As Arel’s life changes, the feeling I felt while reading the book also changed.  It went from a very dark, very sad place, to a very bright and colorful garden full friendship, triumphs and beautiful flowers.

The Vampire Reclamation Project gave new meaning to the term, Guardian Angel.  SS Bazinet paints a picture that everyone has a Guardian Angel, but only a tiny fraction of humans (or vampires) can have the close relationship that Arel had with Michael.  I really liked how the different Angels of the different characters changed forms while protecting their humans.

The Vampire Reclamation Project was a well-written, well thought out book and oftentimes reminded me of a dream. Bazinet took the time to make a new twist on vampire stories come to life through the written word.  Of course, the suspension of belief is helpful to enjoy this genre, but that’s what made the book so enjoyable.  The time I spent with Arel and Michael was special to me, and I understand that this is the first book in a series - it will be very interesting to see what else is in store for Arel.  

I am glad that I took the chance to read something that’s not my usual type of book.  As for my Guardian Angel, I believe that if there was anyone ever trying to mess around with me in my dreams, they would be met by a crazy Cairn Terrier - with wings and a red hot aura, of course!!!

Renata Press

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