May 2, 2012

Reader Radar #4

Title: Blood Spatter -- A Short Story
Author:            Guy James
Publisher:        Amazon Digital Services
Medium:          Kindle

Blood Splatter by Guy James is a fast paced short story that is high on tension and not lacking in the thrill department either!  I have a soft spot in my soul for gruesome tales, and I really enjoyed this short story.  It is fast paced, and holds your attention right up to the very end.

My love affair with books involving murder began about 20 years ago when my mother-in-law loaned me a true crime book, you know, the ones where there are pictures of dead bodies in the middle.  I loved to know the background on mass murderers, serial killers, and just plain bad people.  I think I read every one that was in my favorite dusty little used book store.

James did a great job of painting the picture of the protagonist Logan, a normal family guy who has a loving wife and cute kid into a pretty bad-assed serial killer.  I loved the idea behind the creaky and cranky old Detective Labrusca following hot on Logan’s trail, but never quite being able to catch him.  It was most definitely a cat and mouse type of story.  

The twists and turns that James put into every scene in the book gave a way for me, as a reader, to really think about what was happening and wonder about the different ways the story could play out.  I loved how the ending had both the cat and the mouse with injuries, and both not really knowing exactly how they sustained their injuries, but both knowing that it was pure luck that they were safe and okay. I loved the idea behind the mask being the catalyst for Logan to make that switch from family guy to bad guy.

Because I love thrillers like this, and as a complement to the author, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a full length novel in the works that gives a background about how Logan traveled down the path to such a monster? What would his family think if they ever found out? Would Detective Lambrusca ever catch his mouse?

Guy James is definitely on my Reader Radar! Check out Blood Splatter today!

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