April 9, 2012

Reader Radar

I wanted to add a little something more to Ravenous Reader Book Reviews, and since launching this blog I think I’ve come up with something that might help uncover more fiction and authors worth reading.  I’d like to introduce Reader Radar to Ravenous Reader Book Reviews.  Book reviews will still be the main focus of the blog, but in browsing around the internet and seeing other blogs that are similar in nature, and some that I have used as inspiration, I wanted to make sure things don’t get stale here at Ravenous Reader Book Reviews.

While searching through Amazon one morning my husband and I were discussing the plethora of new authors while looking for something to read, and from there it grew into what I hope to make a weekly component of Ravenous Reader Book Reviews.  

What is Reader Radar?  Reader Radar will be blog posts devoted to short fiction like short stories and novellas.  You know, something that I can read on my lunch break or while waiting on an appointment.  Books are a time investment, and short fiction lends itself to being read on a more frequent basis.  I really believe there are some untouched gems of authors out there, and I am hoping to reach those obscure, unheard of Indie authors through this segment of Ravenous Reader Book Reviews.

I will read and review short works of fiction in the hopes of being able to put that author on my Reader Radar so that one day when their next best book is published, I can be first in line to read it, and of course, review it!

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