April 1, 2012

Cake Icing, Butt Budder, and Tea Lids

Title:          Cake Icing, Butt Budder, and Tea Lids
Author:       Renee Andrews
Publisher:  Renee Andrews; 1 edition (October 25, 2011)
Medium:    Kindle

Goodreads Synopsis:   Cake Icing, Butt Budder and Tea Lids has been described as Sweet Home Alabama, the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Practical Magic and Steel Magnolias all rolled into one. "In the South, if a woman isn’t married by age twenty-five, it’s time for an intervention." This is the basis behind Delilah and Edna Thibodeaux’s dogged determination to make sure their beloved Jezze doesn’t end up an old spinster, like her mother and aunt. 
But what happens when the eccentric antics of the young girl’s crazy Cajun aunt and mother put her search for Mr. Right on a 25 year deadline to potential disaster? And why should she have to prove that they are the experts in marriage intervention, anyway? Because she loves them? Yeah, probably. Because they really don’t mean any harm? That too. But when they decide her Mr. Right is T-Roy Bertrand, the butt budder salesman, does she really have to agree? And if she’s made up her mind, why does her heart refuse to listen? 

I picked up this great little read for my Kindle when it was a freebie on Amazon.  One of the main reasons why I picked this was that the title was more on the whimsical side, and come on, who doesn't like cake icing?  I think it took me less than three days to wind this charming book up.

The book is set in Louisiana - Cajun Country, where everyone's name seems to end in X, family is beyond tight knit, and good food is very, very important.  The book actually spans a time period of about 25 years, but Ms. Andrews does a great job of moving time along.  I never felt like this story dragged on or got bogged down.  

Jezzie is the central character and the book opens with her birth, and the touching family scene between her mother Delilah and her Aunt Edna....where oh where is that sarcasm font when you need it?  That opening chapter truly sets the stage for the entire book though, and gives the reader the basic fundamentals for which it progresses.  The plot is to marry Jezzie off to her "right man", that only she will know the moment she meets him, plus her mama and her aunt don't want her to wind up an old spinster and alone.  There is a bon fire involved, along with a time frame, but don't worry, there are belts, suspenders, contingency and back up plans long in place for every bump in the road that may happen along the way.  And the bumps happen.

Cake Icing, Butt Budder, and Tea Lids is also a love story - love of family, love of friends, and love of those who wander in.  Butt Budder reminded me of my family, the "salve" that my grandparent's used for everything.  You never quite knew what was in it, there was always a container of it handy, and it worked wonders!  As for tea lids, I'll just let you enjoy every single moment of this all on your own, because it's best that way.  I promise!

I laughed out loud, I cried, and I'm woman enough to admit that I kind of freaked out just a teeny tiny bit once, but quickly got over it.  I just don't look at my bakery ladies the same any more.  This book was a very fun read, and it is something that will distract you from even the worst of days.  It really does scream for a sequel (I hope).

I highly recommend Cake Icing, Butt Budder, and Tea Lids  This is a great little book if you are looking for something quick and easy to read and you are into laughing out loud and aren't afraid to cry.  This would make an excellent book for the beach.

Oh, look!  "It's changing time!"


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