August 18, 2013

Dear Indie Author,

I think it's so amazing that you are out there writing and publishing books!  You are doing what so many people only wish they could do.  You are taking a huge step and a huge chance at putting that labor of love out there for all the world to see.  The world needs more brave people like yourselves.

I started this blog almost a year and a half ago because of you.  I have read some really great books over the last year or so, and there are so many that I want to get to.  My inbox had over 260 queries when I hired bribed begged the love of my life to organize it into something that I could mange.  You see, I work a full time job and reading is not my only hobby.  I was overwhelmed and really did not know where to start.

After my inbox was organized I found a lot of interesting things out about many author's who send review requests.  I have been called sir. I have been asked to read books that are clearly not even close to the genre's I love to read. In many cases, I have been told more about the author's life than the life of the book. Part of this leads me to believe that no forethought was put into many of these review requests. Requesting a book review and adding my email to some big blanket campaign to elicit reviews while hoping that X hits the spot and I say yes isn't the way to go about things. Let me ask you a question.  Would you care that I base my review of your book based on simply on its cover? Let me answer that for you.  No. 

This has prompted me to rethink my review policy. I hope these changes will not only bring further credibility to my blog, but also increase your work's legitimacy. Review policy changes:

  • Please take the time before sending a review request to actually read my Review Policy.
  • Spend a couple of minutes clicking around my blog and find out who I am and if I am an appropriate reviewer for your work.
  • Tell me ABOUT THE BOOK.
  • Please send a .mobi (or other Kindle compatible) file of the book.
I still cannot promise that I will review your book, but this will give me an easier time of sorting through the submissions and finding that hidden gem. If you want to follow my blog or me on Twitter and perhaps friend me on Facebook, please do so. Keeping in touch through these channels will help you discover exactly when your review is completed. I also post the reviews to these places along with Goodreads.  

Again, thank you for continuing to tear down the walls of literary convention through your writing and self-publishing. You are the reason why I started writing book reviews, and will be the reason I continue to do so.  

With Warmest Regards,
Ravenous Reader


  1. I'm finally getting around to returning blog visits and wanted to drop by to thank you for commenting on mine.

    I confess I felt a little tingle of camaraderie when I saw you were addressing Indie authors. It's a delight to know someone like yourself is promoting them. I say that because I'm getting ready to self-publish my own book. I won't be asking for a review, however! Mine is not fiction, but about homesteading. Also, with over 150 photos and diagrams, I'm told it isn't a good candidate for the kindle format.

  2. Thank you for stopping by!

    Please let me know when your book is published - my husband and I are starting to plan for our own 5 (or 10) Acres & A Dream!