March 7, 2013

Mental Pause

Title:  Mental Pause
Author:  Anne O'Connell
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Medium:  Kindle

Amazon Synopsis:

Abbie is riding the hormonal roller coaster and hanging on for dear life. She finds herself in a body she no longer recognizes, a marriage that feels overwhelming, and she questions her very sanity. Her existence has become one big hot flash inflamed by killer moods. A chance meeting seems to give her the escape she's desperate for but at what cost? Accused of murder she finds herself in a jail cell accompanied by her regrets and the gnawing fear that her life may be changed forever. It’s a kind of mental pause that Abbie has never imagined, in a story that offers no letup from start to satisfying finish. Change of life, anyone? Mental Pause promises to take you way beyond.

Change is good, right?  I have to say that a lot of changes are good, and even some of the ones that may seem difficult and scary end up have life lessons in them.  Most of the time I don't really mind change.  I just kind of roll with the punches.  There is one change that's going to happen to me, and I think I might be a ticking time bomb.  Hopefully it's quick and painless.

I'm still relatively young, compared to the folks I golfed with yesterday (every single one over 65, and the couple my Dad and I were partnered with were in their 80's), I'm really young!  Starting on Monday, I will be the youngest person in my office.  My husband and I are the youngest people on our street - okay, the guy across the street fought in WWII, so that makes me really, really, really young!  Age really is only a number.  My husband is 6 months younger than I am, we are both in our 40's and he still gets carded.  I'd give my right leg to be carded, just once more!

Anne O'Connell wrote a witty, funny, suspenseful and meaningful book that focuses on change.  Ladies, I'm talking to you!  Gentlemen, ya'll should listen up too, because this will affect you also.  Get ready for it!  I know several women who have gone through or who are going through menopause (yeah, I said it!) and they are doing pretty well, considering.  None of them have snapped...yet.

Mental Pause is the story about Abbie and how she handles going through menopause.  She does things a little more, shall I say, unconventional than any of the women I know although I know one or two who might rival her shenanigans!  The life lessons in her book touch on the bonds of family and friendship, and what even the most desperate of people do sometimes.  Ms. O'Connell paints a picture for women who are dealing with the frustrations of menopause that it is okay to be moody and sweaty and a little crazy at times.  

I really enjoyed Mental Pause.  It was a quick little read that would be perfect for a book club or group of friends to read together - especially if any of the group is 'changing'.  

March 8 is International Women's Day, and is Mental Pause's official publish date, how fitting!  And in the spirit of women all over the world, Ms. O'Connell is donating part of the proceeds from the sales of her book that day to Rooms to Read.  Pretty cool charity, pretty cool author!

Mental Pause

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