March 26, 2012

Why Book Reviews?

I have always had my head in a book as long as I could remember.  Simply put, I love to read, and have caught myself reading the toothpaste tube in the morning while brushing my teeth.  Reading is just something I do.

Almost a year ago I had surgery on my ankle, and read, A LOT.  I read so much, that my husband was totally amazed.  I mean, he knew I liked to read, but he told me that I was ravenous in my reading.  I've had a personal blog going for a little over a year now, and kind of changed it around to coincide with a new year.  New year, new blog.  It became a bit more than I really wanted, and the book reviews were getting lost among the seashells and ankle issues.  

So, Ravenous Reader - Book Reviews was born.  I will devote this blog to reviewing all the books that I read, and many that I have read in the past.  I will also have guest bloggers review books that I may not necessarily read in hopes to keep a broader spectrum of books being reviewed.  I hope to not only pass along my love of the written word, but help up and coming authors by giving them open and honest reviews, as some of my focus will be on Indie authors.

For a more personal peek, you can always check out my other blog My Life with Seashells.

Over the next week I will be bringing over reviews that I have already done to Ravenous Reader - Book Reviews and posting my review policies. 

I can't wait to get this started!!!

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